Speak Softly



der Wind



the wind


What have I given you?

Each envelope contains a small selection of wildflower seeds, including poppies (klatschmohn), cornflowers (kornblume) and field marigolds (acker-ringelblume). They are non-invasive and native so can be safely grown anywhere.

Where should you grow them?

Anywhere! In a windowbox, on a balcony, outside near the traffic lights or anywhere else you pass regularly that has reasonable sunlight, water and is not too trodden on. Scatter and loosely cover with soil, watering in well.

Water regularly.

Speak softly.

They should flower this summer.

If you have success with you seeds, I would love if you could send me a photo of your flowers.

Please email to: katie.j.anderson @ hotmail.co.uk

Speak Softly is a performance work that was part of the vernissage or opening of Making.Art, an exhibition of contemporary scottish craft and installation in the Green Hill Gallery at Kulturschopfer, Berlin on the 2nd of April 2015.


Kind thanks to Anne Breimaier for the image of her cornflowers (Kornblumen) overlooking the streets of Berlin.